Brandon Hebert

People from the south are known for their storytelling. We’re no different here in Louisiana. Folks here love three things: their families, God, and a good story… whether it’s true or not.

The stories I write aren’t true (or maybe they are and I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent). But, I do hope they are entertaining. I’ve been writing some kind of story since I was a kid, be it about astronauts, secret agents, or otherwise, and being able to entertain – to provide a few precious moments of suspended disbelief – is all I was ever hoping for.

Writing is a solitary business. There is a lot of time spent alone; time spent thinking…waiting…wanting. But, the realization that someone out there may appreciate what you’ve done makes it worthwhile. I just wanted to thank anyone reading this for allowing me the opportunity to entertain you for a short while. I’m truly humbled that you have chosen to spend your hard-earned dollars and valuable time with me. I hope to continue to entertain you in the future and appreciate that you’ve chosen my name out of the thousands available to you.

I’m in your debt.


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